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A candidate has a dream and a consultant helps them fulfill their dream. This dream might be of studying abroad, immigrating to or working temporarily in a foreign country, visiting friends/family, doing business traveling, or even traveling just for the purpose of tourism. The duty of the best consultant should be to give the correct guidance and help them with the process of achieving what they dreamt of.

But, but, but, How do I can find the best consultant? How can I differ if the consultant is good or bad? Are there any ways where I can decide which consultant to choose?

The answer is - YES. We have picked up some ways which a candidate can consider before selecting the best consultant.

1) CHECK THE REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS : The first step of selecting the best consultant is to make sure he/she has a good success ratio. You can estimate the success ratio of the consultant by all the reviews given under their google or any other websites. Also, one can see some videos or written testimonials on the social media or website of the consultant.

2) CHECK THE CREDENTIALS : A consultant must be someone who is educated. Today, a lot of uneducated people are becoming a consultant and they might become the biggest barrier to fulfilling your dreams. Better, check whether the consultant you are opting for is educated enough.

3) CHECK THE EXPERTISE : Always have a counseling session with the consultant before giving them your money. It is necessary for a candidate to get a consultation from different consultants in order to get a basic idea about which program fits their profile and also to select the best consultant among all.

4) PREFER THE REFERENCE : Make sure that you get some references from some candidates who have already got their process with the particular consultant. The reference helps you to understand whether the consultant you are going to select is genuine or not, whether they have a smooth process or not, and whether they have a great repo or not.

5) CONSULTANCY COMPANIES > AGENTS : When a candidate gets their process done with some agents, then they have to pay more than the actual amount. Because the agents normally outsource their work to Consultancy companies, thus, they have to pay the companies some amount which they cover from the client, and maximum times, these agents come out as frauds.

6) SIGN A WRITTEN AGREEMENT : Now once you have selected the best consultant after all this procedure and decided to hand over your dream to them, make sure that you sign a written agreement with the company because that piece of paper can give you and the consultant security of the process and the payment.

7) PERSONALIZED ATTENTION : As the process of achieving your dream begins, you and your consultant both will be on a ride to the destination. But keep in mind that, while having a ride, you give personalized attention to where your process is going, and how much of it is completed, and also ask questions if you have any doubts or queries. The best consultant won’t hesitate to share the process with you (Depending on the agreement).

If you have read up on this, then you might have a dream. We, FIDELITY IMMIGRATION PVT. LTD. has helped to fulfill a lot of dreams. Our team loves to get involved deeply in the process so that the candidate doesn’t have to lose their dream. We hope that you and your close ones get the best consultant and achieve the dreams you have carved.

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