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During the time of the pandemic, we know that there were lots of rejections of candidates who applied for Canada Visa. So, after the pandemic, the government of Canada opened its doors to immigrants. But along with the rise in immigration, there was a severe rise in fraud among the candidates. Plenty of candidates were confined in the cage of fraud by some scammers. For instance, in December 2022, a man from Ghana, West Africa was about to become the victim of social media employment scam where the scammer asked for some amount as a health insurance fee. Also, a student from Iran lost almost 11,000$ to phone scammers.

As a candidate, you don’t have to worry about these scammers because there are few ways to avoid these immigration scams or immigration fraud.

These phone scams are rising at a great speed, so it is very important to note that the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) never call anyone nor contact them either online or in person to collect fees or fines. Also, IRCC states that these phone scammers often give a fake name and agent number in order to appear authentic but we insist that these types of calls are never legitimate and are always a fraud.

Now, the main question that arrives here is ‘How to identify the scammer or fraud? Calls might not be the only source of their scams, they might also have some other ways to carry out these scams,’ This question is genuine, and yes there are lots of other methods of scams too but IRCC got you covered. ‘How?’ Here is the answer,

IRCC offers some official government resources in the form of FAQs and Tip Sheets in order to help immigrants and also those people who are looking to immigrate to Canada to recognize these frauds and avoid them. But, if you become a victim of these scams, then as per a CIC report, there are extensive online resources given by the IRCC to help people get information on a particular type of fraud/scam and also how you can legally take action against them.

When an immigrant comes to a new country, he/she often needs help from other people and especially immigration lawyers, representatives, or consultants. There are lots of scams going on at this point in time, to ensure that you do not fall prey to such scams, you can always take the help of the official Canadian Registries, and directories in order to corroborate the authenticity of individuals who claim they are authorized to represent immigrants/provide immigration advice.

Canadian immigration lawyers and notaries must be registered with a Canadian Provincial or Territorial Law society. Likewise, all Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Consultants must be a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. The Ontario-based paralegals are required to become members of the Law Society of Ontario.

IRCC also states that most provincial and territorial law societies provide online tools in order to check that a particular individual registers as a member in good standing. And an individual’s standing is worthy enough of whether the immigrant should use the services of the immigration lawyer or not.

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