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About Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™

With the Vision of Connecting People Globally,Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ comes forward with expertise in Visas' procurement for each one of its students and the like applicants. We are super delighted to always introduce ourselves as one of Visa processing and permanent residency services pioneers without the party to bear any stringent laws or bureaucracy.

Our visa expert team takes immense pride and glory, providing an urgent and immediate helping hand to each student. We are utterly and especially customer-oriented. We understand and love to hear the other side of the story at Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™. Our entire team loves to train, update, and research their knowledge about visa processes and the filing of necessary documents on our customer’s behalf.

In totality, our team proudly has more than 10 to 15 years of experience. We have witnessed, experienced, listened to, and helped a plethora of success stories in and out of India through our services.

Sincerely, our experts have always loved to help every student who wants to fulfil their dream. Our Visa services are always evolving for the betterment of your incomplete success and educational story.

We understand that being a student is tough when you want to go and settle abroad. With the guidance, consultation, and visa procurement techniques by the Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ team, your educational dreams are not far away.

In short, we are a platform that you can trust for realistic suggestions and guidance. We have been dealing with thousands of students from every corner of the nation for years. We know which country can be the best for which kind of educational field.

You can talk to our consultants for applying for a visa in the country that holds the potential to chisel your knowledge, experience, and passion into a full-fledged profession. Some of the countries for the top-notch educational benefit are the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Germany.

Suffice to say, our firm in India is available at one stretch of your call or email.

The educational Visa professionals at Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ love working together with young, mature, and fresh graduate students.

We value your beliefs, ethics, dreams, and goals you expect from your life. We are touched by it. And we know how to bridge the gap. We are the stepping stone that you plunge and tread towards your wonderful life in the coming years.

What’s more? We don’t let you feel out of place or space in another country. Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ extends its complete support to you in the form of communities in those countries where you want to study further. We can introduce you to these people as per your request. They are extremely humble, nice, and reliable.

In the last decade, we have successfully helped 5000+ individuals, students, and family members connect with their dreams in other countries.

Truth be told, ours is the strong leadership, dedication to fulfilling others' dreams, the prowess to tackle challenges, and a sense of duty towards each of our clients. These ethics and traits navigate the professionalism we proclaim. We continuously surmount the industrial benchmarks in the visa processing and permanent residency service sector in our nation.

Each day, we thank our existing and new student applicants. Without them, we would have never reached this peak of recognition and actualization. And we pay them the tribute with excellent services, complete paperwork assistance, on-call any time assistance – in and outside India.

Statistically speaking, 4500+ successful applications of visas and permanent residencies are our power, chiselled in time by serving our clients day in and out. We would like you to be our permanent applicant if you want to partner with a supporting team that equally values your educational dreams and emergencies.

At our desk, you will not find delays or waiting queues. You will find only yourself to be heard, listened to, approached, and consulted with utmost patient, knowledge, and transparency.

At Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™, each team member has been taught to serve the student Visa or permanent residency applicant with respect and fuller attention. We do not divert our minds or focus from you—like ever.

We know each minute and detail is important to you. That’s how we are always mapping and tying with growing and full-grown educational and industrial economies like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Germany, Dubai (UAE), Italy, Norway, France, Spain, and more.

Now, never let that dream to be an engineer in Germany, a scientist in the USA, or a chef in France go wasted. Help us know your wishes and emergencies to travel, stay, study, and live abroad. In return, we help you get there as quickly, swiftly, and in control as possible.

Learn how Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ come to fruition for you and fulfil those educational and studious dreams before it’s too late today! We are eagerly waiting to know you and assist you for any student Visa.


Vaishali Singh is the pioneer of immigration services for the past 7 years. Her caliber after graduating with an MBA in International Business Management speaks of the same. By now, she knows the ins and outs of troubles visitors or travellers face while applying for visa services.

She has been running Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ as the Managing Director since 2018. she has been featured as SELFMADE WOMEN 2021 by BUSINESSVIEW magazine under his leadership fidelity immigration has become Most ACKNOWLEDGE BRAND 2021. She has been honored with GUJARAT NU GAURAV 2022 from Hon. CM Shri Bhupendra Patel for her outstanding performance in Overseas Education & Immigration sector.

She believes in helping understand each individual out there about the immigration process. She has strong ties with foreign diaspora and authorities. For years, she has turned every stone possible to solidify the underpinning of Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™. This is her consultation firm where every candidate and traveler finds the perfect visa and immigration services.

Vaishali Singh takes immense pride in running this firm strategically with complete market research. She is also a Gold medalist in academics. It says a lot about her mindset. She is keen on forming a high-class rapport with her clients and other professionals.

Her aim in life is to educate everyone and help them reach their ultimate potential constantly. Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ is one way to do so. The organization, under her control and direction, has already helped 1000s of travelers.

Vaishali Singh is constantly monitoring ways to improve the services at Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™. She ensures no study, traveler, family member, or working professional ever feels confused while filing for a visa. Her staff has been recognized as one of the best in terms of knowledge, response, and customer satisfaction.

She completely harnesses her knowledge, experience, and integrates it with her mission and vision of Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™. She is an entrepreneur, leader, guide, and mentor for her employees and subordinates. She ensures equal participation, constant space for improvement, and quality control over the KPIs of the organizations she’s a part of.

Fidelity Immigration PVT LTD™ has grown immensely over the years under her control and rule. The staff there has found purpose, clarity, and a sense of direction with her clear-cut goals and sharp mindset. She knows how to treat the public, respond to adversities, and how to get work done on or before time. Her staff learns those principles from her continuously.


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